Modern Mythology
Mythologie Moderne
September 2014

Photography is, first and foremost, the art of observation. On sabbatical, away from the world previously known to me, these photos are part of a collection from my time in Paris. Only beginning to learn French after arriving in France, the language barrier is truly something to be overcome for communication is not only verbal. Especially at this moment in time, the power of observation far more precedes my verbal communication. This has given me time to think in a kind of silence about what I want to say about my photography, but even more so what I want to say about myself. In the spirit of the great Paris street photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau, this is my current rediscovery of archetypal elements in classical Greek and Roman mythology . For it has always been a belief of mine that everyday people are what legends are made of.

The Divine Comedy- la Divine Comédie

Old Song of the Siren- la vieille chanson de la sirène

Lost Gemini - Gémeaux perdues

Modern Mythology- Mythologie Moderne


Pygmalion and Galatea

The mother of Remus and Romulus- la mère de Rémus et Romulus

Faceless Victory- Nika sans visage

Cupid and Psyche Old and New Love
l'Amour de Cupidon et Psyché, ancien et nouveau

Soccer Nymphs- Nymphs de foot

Books from Alexandria- Livres d'Alexandrie

Le Repaire de Bacchus

A spirit of Apollo- un esprit d'Apollon

Nephele, cloud nymph- nymphe de nuage

Poseidon under the arc - Poseidon sous l'arc

London Labyrinth- labyrinthe de Londres

Charon - ferryman of the underworld / nocher des Enfers

Hades on a Sunday- Hadès un dimanche


The Allegory of the Cave - Allégorie de la caverne

A message from Ithaca- Une Lettre de Ithaque


Les soldats du char

le jeune aurige du char

Hercules and the Hydra

Icarus and Atlas- Icare et Atlas


Prometheus- Prométhée le prévoyant



le Sphinx

Atropos des Moires


Terpsichore- la muse de danse


Apollo visits Dionysus

Pythonisse- l'oracle du temple d'Apollon à Delphes



dryad au bois

Champs Élysées

Fils de Poséidon

Perséphone- un amour inachevé

Hermés- le gardien des voyageurs